Crystal Clear Logos Inc. provides a full screenprinting, embroidery, Garment and website sponsorship to Voodoo Air Racing for the annual Reno Air Races.

CCL Owners Dan, Crystal, Darren, and Darren's wife Lynn along with various other staffers have attended the Reno Air Races every year in September since 1999. While attending the 2002 Reno Air Races Dan and Darren noticed that Voodoo, their favorite race plane had run out of t-shirts before the race weekend was over. "We approached one of the crew members in the 2002 air races and handed them a business card with a sponsorship proposal written on the back" says Darren. "A few months later I received a call from Voodoo owner Bob Button who was thrilled to have someone provide garments and products for sale to the team".

Since 2003 Crystal Clear Logos has provided the team with uniforms and hats as well as garments for sale to the public. Each year a new multicolor design is developed and printed for most of the t-shirts and of course some designs are used from year to year. Bob Button visits the shop throughout the year during development of each design to give his stamp of approval.

CCL also provides a website to the Voodoo team called The site contains information, race results, updates and even videos produced by Darren's video production company Yuki Films.

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