Cost Cutting Tip’s

One of the most asked questions we get at CCL are “How can I lower the cost?” Here are a few of tips to consider before you place your order:

  1. Quantity: The more shirts you order the lower the cost. If you only need 12 shirts per order, maybe you could consider buying 2 or 3 orders at one time. This could cut your per shirt cost in almost half.
  2. Colors: Keep the number of colors in your design down to a minimum. With most designs we try to keep the number of colors from 1 to 3 if cost is an issue. We can also use shades of these colors. This gives the art more depth and simulates more color. (See the Fire Engine in our Image Gallery.)
  3. Low Stitch Count: Embroidery is charged by every 1000 stitches in your design. An easy way to keep the number of stitches down is to let your shirt color shine through. If your logo for instance is black, red and white. You could order red polo shirts and only have to use black and white thread in your design.
  4. Keep it Simple: With the amount of clip art galleries and low cost design programs on the market today we are seeing more and more multicolor, intricate logos and designs coming into our shop. It’s easy to get carried away with design ideas that turn out in the end to be very costly. Although we love to print large multicolored designs, it might do you some good to see what the cost of your print will be during the design process.
  5. Garment Type: The price difference between a 50/50 poly cotton t-shirt, and a 100% heavyweight cotton t-shirt could be as much as $2.00. You need to keep in mind how the shirt will be used. Are they going to be worn every day as a uniform or be used as a give away.

As you can see with a little bit of preorder planning and with the help of our staff we can go a long way toward providing you with an order that suits your pocket book.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at (925) 778-1912.

Darren Schmidt
V.P., Crystal Clear Logos Inc.

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