Pricing Nightmares

Pricing can be confusing even for those of us in the industry. The screen-printing and embroidery industry is by no means uniform in its methods. Some shops charge per screen, as well as per color. Others charge art fees and art setup fees, each time the same job is run! Beware of hidden costs.

We try and make pricing simple and straightforward, with no surprises. We have NO screen fees and one art prep charge. Once you pay for your art prep you never have to pay for it again (we keep it on file). So here is how it works:


So, let's say you want a big smiley face on the front of 72 white T-shirts (prices of darker shirts and colors differ).

• Cost of garments---------------------3.10ea.
Cost per print(2 colors on front)-------3.25
Total per garment----------------- $ 6.35

If you wanted that smiley face on the back as well as the front, it would cost you another $3.25. Now the total price of the shirt would be $ 7.00.

• Cost of garment----------------------------3.10ea.
• Cost per print (2 color on front)---------3.25
• Cost 2nd placement(2 color on back)---3.25
Total per garment----------------- $9.60

So you could say it is "cost per color per placement" If you want black and yellow ink on the front and on the back, that is a 4 color.

A one time art charge would be added to your first order of smiley face shirts, after that, any time you order smiley face shirts there is NO art charge.

Now if you want half of your smiley face shirt order to be in yellow and black, and the other half to be printed with pink and black, you would pay an "ink change charge". It is a very small fee to cover the time and labor of cleaning the screens and changing the ink.


This is the fun part. The more you order, the less expensive the prices. You get two price breaks with Crystal Clear Logos. First you receive a savings on the price of your garment (no, you don't have to order all the same thing). If you order 3 T-shirts, 4 sweatshirts, 10 button-down shirts, and a Henley, you would get the discount for ordering 18 garments. You would also receive a discount for screen-printing on 18 shirts, as opposed to 12, that is if the same size image can go on all of your garments without us having to reset-up your screens. Because we have an automatic press, as well as a manual, the savings on large orders is substantial.

Written By:
Lynn Schmidt

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