The History of CCL

IN THE BEGINNING, we were not here, but then Crystal Clear Logos appeared and evolved… OK, so it wasn't that grandiose, but we did start our business in 1994. At first it was just a husband and wife in their garage learning about screen-printing on a used 4-color press. On an old 386 computer with a scanner and printer they pumped out artwork (sometimes they even hand cut the art). Screens were blown out on the front lawn with a garden hose! Despite this primitive setting, CCL managed to produce high quality printed garments. It wasn't long before Crystal Clear Logo's reputation grew to the point that a larger business site was required. In 1996 the company moved to its present location, with the addition of some employees, new equipment and computers that weren't Stone Age. A 6- color press, proper exposure and cleaning apparatuses appeared on the scene. Owners and employees were sent off to school to learn the latest in graphic arts and screen-printing technology while the sales grew and grew. CCL decided to branch out into EMBROIDERY as well. More schooling, more machinery and more employees were added to the business. To date, Crystal Clear Logos is now incorporated, has an 8 color automatic press (as well as a the 6 color manual), a six, 4 and 1 head embroidery machine. We have more employees; we doubled our workshop and have the latest graphics programs to enhance your artwork needs.

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The History of CCL

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